TLT Dev Builds Now Open for Play

NOTE: This does NOT mean that TLT is re-opening or continuing. It means that you can play the test games we made.

Hello, everybody! le717 and rioforce here, with some good news!

We have opened TLT’s dev testing games to the public!

Yes, you read that correctly! After being put on hold for a little bit, The Legend Team’s Game Builds are back! rioforce, our fearless founder, has taken time out from his busy life to add proper version numbers to the builds Stopsecret posted on the first day, as well as the collection that he had saved up. Meanwhile, I have written up and compiled some HTML and CSS to better display the builds rather than the boring standard Unity3D Webplayer layout. The Team Members have already seen it, and we are all very excited to re-release them for you guys to play! 😀 So, without further ago,

The Legend Team Game Builds!

Please note that there are rules you MUST follow in order to play these game builds, and are bound to them wither or not you read them in full!

Another cool thing we just added is the Archives page! This is actually a launch pad for you to visit other pages such as Concept Art, and Stories, in addition to the game builds. I hope you all enjoy the legend of our team and have fun playing the builds, reading the stories, and admiring the art. 🙂

Enjoy the archives! 😀

-le717 and rioforce

The Legend comes to an end…

From LEGO Universe, to an evil gangster, to a shepherd that cannot blink, to a Robot City. All these things are The Legend Team. You may wonder why I am saying these things. Yes, it’s true that The Legend Team opened on November 4th 2011. But there is new truth. The Legend Team is closing. This is tragic and heartbreaking for all of us. The Team Members, the Testers, the Fans, yes. But it has to come.

It all started on November 4th, 2011. Me, rioforce, a kid that did not want LEGO Universe to leave, decided to open up a game “team” to re-create LEGO Universe. The Legend Team was the first LEGO Universe recreation team out there! I heard about the news at 11 AM that morning from a Tweet by Supersoradude on LEGO Universe News Forums. I was so sad! It had come! The end of LEGO universe had come! I had made so many friends! All the members on LUNF (LEGO Universe News Forums) were my friends! I met Hobino on LUNF and he’s my friend! I knew Dermy from The LEGO universe News blog! I knew all my friends over the internet. Most homeschoolers have friends. I don’t though. Living in a rural town with no neighbors, I had to ind my friends elsewhere. On the internet. In LEGO Universe. So I made The Legend Team. I knew nothing about making a video game. I wished I knew, but I didn’t.

So TLT failed making an LU remake using the LU files and Unity. So I got Gie005 on the team. He said he knew all about it, and I thought he did. He worked on the “game” on his computer and I watched his progress still wishing i could help. But he got tired of it and left TLT. We failed again. Then I launched a coder’s contest. Stopsecret entered this contest. Nobody else did. Stopsecret won the contest by default. He hoped he could work along side other coders but unfortunately, there as nobody else. Stopsecret was a pro in Blender, and I really liked his work! Stopsecret gave me tips and I actually learned Blender! I was so happy!

Then Project BUILD comes into the picture. They wanted us to merge with them. We did not want to be absorbed into them like The Nexus Project Wiki. Then Stopsecret announced to the team that he was going inactive from TLT for a while. He joined Project BUILD. Meanwhile at TLT, I learned some more Blender and Stopsecret was coding BrickBUILD for PB. I was modeling lots of models. Lots of low-poly models, and learning a lot in the process. Finally, I found out that SS was really active developing Project BUILD’s game. So Stopsecret said he was working for PB the entire time he was inactive. That’s fine. I am OK with what he wants to do. Now don’t get me wrong, Stopsecret is a great guy, 🙂 it was just that our team was too unorganized and since I didn’t know anything about making a game earlier (before he became inactive) he felt like he was doing all the work and I know how that feels. It stinks. Anyway,just a few weeks ago, I said “Why don’t we change the storyline?” So I came up with an idea of Castles and Robots. Stopsecret liked space and future stuff and I liked Castles. I modeled a trash-bot and a couple other things and I was waiting on the team’s opinion of the new storyline. Well, I started watching cool tutorials on BlenderGuru. I was excited to learn more so for about a week I let the TLT blogs be alone. I was happy modeling cool stuff and then remembered TLT. I sighed long and hard. I was tired. Yes, tired of TLT. How can it be? TLT is so cool! Tired?! Yes, tired. I was the lone-modeler. The whole reason I made the Johnny Thunder poster is because I modeled a fedora so I could make a render of me saying “The Lone Modeler: Rioforce.”!

Either way, I started a new Idea right before Thanksgiving. A TLT Platforming game. A 3D Platformer though. As a matter of fact, I was happy with that idea. But deep down inside, I knew it wouldn’t work out. I was still tired of TLT. Right before I had that platforming idea though, I read a post by Stopsecret called “Addicted” on his blog. I realized he too was tired. Computers eat up people’s lives. So i made the idea for the platformer because I thought it might be easier. So yesterday, Stopsecret made a post on TLT basically saying he was leaving TLT. TLT was dying. I agreed. I was sad yet relieved. Here’s what I said:

Yes, I agree. I think the entire team agrees. I have wanted to make cool animated movies ever since I started liking Blender and because of TLT, I couldn’t make those movies because I felt obligated to model and work on this dream of a game. I knew this day was coming. I knew it even before Stopsecret went D.I.M. I would be sad and happy if TLT closed because:

1. I learned lots about Blender. 🙂

2. Made friends. 🙂

3. Had a great time doing this. 🙂

4. Loosing this progress we’ve done. 😦

5. Looking at just a big shattered failure from November 4th, 2011 all the way to November ??, 2012. 😦

But most of all, I think I’ll be relived. I felt bad about this game since we had the downfall when the PB-merger talk happened. I feel relived that I do not have to worry that our game is getting less and less progress every day.

All things must come to an end, just sometimes, the end comes sooner than other times… So this is where I am right this second. Typing this post. I am sorry, but this is the end… 😦


Here’s a little gallery of the things we have done over the year…

As you see, we’ve done a lot of work over the past year and we are proud of it. And don’t think that TLT was just a year wasted! I beleive that God placed all of the team members in this position to learn about ourselves. For example, Aronwk found out who he really wanted to be by going to a video game dev camp! I found that I like Blender. SS discovered how to make a networking game. Le717 made a few LDraw scripts. Just to name a few examples. 🙂

Unfortunately, it’s time to get on with our real lives and stop The Legend Team. I am sorry, but that is the way it is… Thank you all for supporting The Legend Team and I hope you will not give up LEGO because of us, but that you will support the other game teams such as LEGO Nexus Adventures and Project BUILD.

Please do not unsubscribe to The Legend Team, though. I will be releasing some of the game builds and things soon. 🙂

Again, thank you for supporting The Legend Team.

Thank you.

-Rioforce: Founder


Well, I was looking through the old archives and I found something I had made a long time ago. I guess we can use it now.

Rio had previously said about it a while after it was made : “Cool! The only thing that I would do to it, is make a more techno background, and color the minifig yellow, red, and blue. And also remove the date. It makes it look like a funeral. :P

Well, now it is sort of like a funeral, so it seems fitting :

Well, we hope you all enjoyed watching our team! 🙂


Weekly Progress Post 12!

Hey guys! This is Weekly Progress Post 12 and it’s going to be good! First off, all of the team members have been working hard organizing the storyline, working on the world in Unity, modeling in Blender, and coding. 🙂 I, rioforce, have been modeling pretty big things this week and I’d like to show you guys! But first, let’s see some screenshots of our game. Please note, this is only a test world in the game and is not the full game.




Now it’s time for a superb wallpaper! I modeled, and drew textures, and worked quite hard on this render so I thought I’d let you fans see it. This picture isn’t only for looking at, though. It also gives a sneak peek of content to come! Do you know this heroic Australian adventurer? 😀 Enjoy!

Nice to meet you, and you, and you. :)

Hello, everyone i’m Zaxzax12, a new member of TLT! 🙂 I have helped out many other teams in the past such as, LNA, LG, AB, and LTA. And now i am here to help with some modeling,rigging, and animating bringing my three years of experience to TLT. But I am not joining to get myself personal joy and achievement, or for the achievement of The Legend Team but I do hope they continue to progress. But i am joining in hopes to not only make others happy, but to use this opportunity to praise God, and give him the glory
for whatever happens. Because I can stop and count successes like diamonds in my hands, but all my gains and losses cannot compare to the glory by which I stand in Christ alone.

Well thats just about everything you could know about me 🙂 Zaxzax12.

Nice to meet you… all :P

Hello, I am a new member that will be (i think) will be taking SS’s place :/ sorry for any inconvenience :/

Anyways, call me “Bincredible” 😛

Rioforce’s Notes:

Hi! First of all, I’d like to say that Bin is not taking SS’s place on the team. Stopsecret is busy with life and hasn’t been online lately. I even talked to Hollis on Project BUILD and he’s not helping them either. Anyway, I will not allow comments threatening Bin (Bincredible) and saying he betrayed LNA for us. It was his choice. I’m just glad to have him on the team. 🙂


Stopsecret’s Notes :

Bin, hope you can fill my shoes somewhat. Glad to have you on the team. Hope you can be one of the driving forces to make TLT great! Welcome onboard. 😉


Bincredible’s Notes:

Lol, I just wanted to join the club and make a post that had “name” then notes, so yeah 😛 I will just say that I am not betraying LNA for TLT, I have been following TLT for a while now. And since SS went. I thought this can not be a boulder to stop TLT. I knew I needed to to something, so I learnt coding, and then I practice and practice, until now, I am here on TLT. i am really happy. And you guys do not know how happy I am to be here 🙂


Weekly Progress Post 11!

Hello everyone! I’m le717, and this is WPP 11!

In this WPP, I will be showing off a bunch of 3D models, and a new wallpaper! Of course, I’m not show you all of the models created since the last WPP. We don’t want to give out all our secrets. 😉


And a lot more (which, remember, I said I wasn’t showing ;))!


Now I have a few wallpapers for you, which you can find on the Downloads page!

The last image was painted by our very own Music Composer, Professor Brickkeeper!

Well, that is all for this WPP! Catch you next time!


Weekly Progress Post 10!

Hey guys! This is the Weekly Progress Post 10! I know it’s not exactly “Weekly”, but it’s progress! 😀

This week, I, rioforce, mostly worked. Honeybbb has been coding, too! Hurray! 😛

Here’s a basic list of what was done this week:

I modeled a Dwarf

I drew some textures

I modeled a wagon wheel. 😛

I modeled a new Minifigure model (AGAIN!)

I modeled a Horse!

I modeled a village hut!

We modeled a Mine Monster!

I wrote dialogue!

I drew a map!

I drew concept art!

I made some GUI elements!

Honeybbb fixed the character controller and enemies!

Well, that’s all for the post, we got a good amount of stuff done! So, I’m going to publish this post now, so I can go model a wagon to go with the wagon wheel. 😛


Site Updates

Hello everyone! le717 the hermit here.

Just a friendly post telling all of you that in the next few days, I am going to updating the site a bit. A new theme is not on the agenda in these updates (though that still may happen!); the updates will be more structural (e.g. site layout). I will try to keep the main/high traffic page links in working order before I stop working for the day, but I cannot promise that everything will work 100% of the time. Please forgive me if you follow a bad link. If you don’t know what happened to something that you are positive that it exists, you can always use the search bar at the top of the widgets bar on the right.

Please bear with me as I preform these updates. 😉


-le717 the (triangular) hermit 😛

Coders and Unity Experts NEEDED!

Hey guys! Lately, the game progress has been going slow. And you know, our planned release date is in December. So, we need coders and Unity Experts! If you know a lot about Unity 3D or coding in C# or Unity Javascript, you can help! All you have to do is to visit the “Want to Join?” page on our site. If you have no idea how to enter the form, I’ll tell you:

Username: This is the place you put your Username, or what you want to be called. We prefer you do not use your real name or give out any personal information. Jus come up with a little name kind of like my username is “rioforce”.

Email: The email is SUPER important. We’ll contact you there if we cannot contact of you on our super secret discussion blog. NOTE: This email has to be linked to your WordPress account or we cannot add you to the team. If you don’t have a WordPress account, get one HERE.

Resume (Or application): This is where you tell what you can do for our team. Please use details and don’t share anything personal.

Link to file: We need to see a proof of your work. For example, if you can code, you need to write a small “game” that displays your script. Please also package the scripts you used in the game. If you did not write all of the scripts yourself, you will NOT be accepted. Please compile your game as a Unity Web Player in a Zip file. Please do not use EXE files or Mac files.

TOR (Terms of Registration): You must read these and follow them if you want to be part of the team.

If you have any questions, please comment either on this post or on the page! Thanks!



Registration is now closed.

Weekly Progess Post 9!

Hey all! I know we haven’t done a progress post in a while, but that means nothing! We are stiil-a working on this game and we are coming along nicely! We have written a new story, modeled a new minifigure (and other things!), made new scripts and more! Now, I’m not going to show you everything we have done, but here’s what you can see. 😉


Here are a few screenshots of the game. This is only a test world where we test some items and scripts.


Yes, it’s true. We haven’t done a video in a while. Now’s your chance to see one! This is a concept of our new Character Creator. NOTE: Do NOT steal this idea, host this video anywhere else, or use/claim the concepts in this video as your own.

Copyright (C) 2012 rioforce and The Legend Team.

Click to play


Thanks to ProfessorBrickkeeper, we have a story poem to show you guys! The entire team couldn’t find a good way to present our story, but now we did. Here it goes:


In Times of lore when Knights rode proud to fight in Battles Large and Loud
When Dragons Frolicked In Laden Fields to seek upon Warriors with Swords and Shields
When Olden Dwarves Mined for Gold to make Powerful Weapons they Foretold

Yet deep in Legend but to Re-awake there was a Villain not to make
Known as Midknight he rode to Battle with his army large, the Kingdom would Rattle
Midknight wanted not to Build but Raze the Kingdom with his Evil Guild
Now the Kingdom is in your Hands to Fight off Soldiers from Rival Clans
Make no mistake this is our Final Hour and your chance to rise to Power!

Well, that’s all for this post! See you next time on the Weekly Progress Post 10! 😀


Finally! A WPP! Ya happy, Bobafett2? 😉